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  • Coherent Completes DENSO and Mitsubishi Electric Investments

    SiC giant Wolfspeed has announced that it has completed the sale of its RF business to MACOM Technology SolutioNS Holdings, Inc. and Coherent Completes DENSO and Mitsubishi Electric Investments.

  • What are the Deutsch connectors and Hirose connectors?

    Deutsch connectors are a type of high-quality, rugged, and environmentally-sealed connectors widely utilized in various industries.Then what about Hirose connectors?

  • Button batteries | what is the difference lr 41 battery and lr 44 battery

    The lr41 button battery belongs to the LR series of button battery, with a voltage of 1.5V, suitable for micro-discharge requirements. It is suitable for calculators, electronic toys, hearing aids, watches and so on.

  • How to read resistor color codes

    How do we read resistor color codes? We answer this question and give you the tools to quickly calculate the correct resistors for all your projects.

  • What is an EDLC capacitor and how does it work?

    the EDLC capacitor is a secondary battery in the physical battery, it is a kind of electric energy in the form of charge storage components.