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Micron Launches Crucial X9/X10Pro Portable SSD

2023-07-27 09:16:01
On July 25, local time, micron announced the launch of the Crucial X9 Pro Portable SSD and the Crucial X10 Pro Portable SSD, both of which use micron TLC NAND and utilize a revolutionary single ASIC portable storage architecture, designed for content creators such as photographers, videographers, designers or any performance-seeking consumers. Both products are available now in 4TB, 2TB and 1TB capacities.

Among them, the sequential read and write speed of Crucial X9 Pro can reach 1050MB/s, plug and play through USB-C connection, and can be used with Windows, Mac, Android devices, etc. It measures only 65x50 mm and weighs only 38 grams.

The Crucial X10 Pro is the fastest external SSD Micron has ever offered, with sequential read/write speeds of up to 2100MB/s and 2000MB/s, respectively.

The Crucial X10 Pro SSD connects directly to a laptop or workstation via the included USB-C cable for fast multi-cam timeline processing, and users can even edit, trim and render directly from the SSD. The Crucial X10 Pro is water and dust resistant (IP55) right out of the box for Windows, Mac, Android, game consoles and more.