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Using an Arduino CNC Shield V3

2023-04-21 14:34:58

In this tutorial we will see the use of the CNC Shield V3 for Arduino. To be able to manage a machine like a CNC or a 3D printer with several stepper motors, it is interesting to have a board that facilitates the connection of the different elements of the machine. This is the role of the CNC shield.


  • Arduino UNO
  • CNC Shield V3
  • Stepper driver A4988 or DRV8825 or SilentStepStick
  • USBA male to USB B male cable

Principle of operation

The CNC Shield V3 is an extension board for Arduino UNO or Mega allowing to interface easily to stepper motor controllers, type A4988. It also allows to drive and manage the elements necessary to operate a digital milling machine (CNC). That is, end stops, fan, etc,


The Shield is placed on the Arduino microcontroller and the motors are connected directly to the output pins of the drivers. You can choose the drivers you want depending on the power of your motors and your applications (A4988, DRV8825, SilentStepStick, TMC).

Terminals are available below each driver to select the step resolution. These terminals are connected to the MS0, MS1 and MS2 pins of the controllers.

Before connecting the motors, be sure to set the current limiter on each controller to match the motor it is driving.