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Toshiba Launches Smart Power Devices That Help Reduce Mounting Area

2022-11-21 15:32:59

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") announces the launch of two smart power devices --- "TPD2015FN" and "TPD2017FN" for use in applications that can control motors, solenoids, Programmable logic controller) used in the drive of inductive loads. High-side switch (8 channels) "TPD2015FN" and low-side switch (8 channels) "TPD2017FN" start shipping today.

The new product uses Toshiba's analog device integration process (BiCD) [1] to achieve an on-resistance of 0.4Ω (typical value), which is more than 50% lower than Toshiba's existing product [2]. Both TPD2015FN and TPD2017FN are packaged in SSOP30[3], the mounting area is about 71% of the SSOP24[4] package used in existing products[2], the height is 80% of the SSOP24 package, and the pin pitch is reduced to 0.65mm. These improvements help reduce the size of the design.

The maximum operating temperature of the new product is 110°C, which is higher than the 85°C of the existing product [2], supporting applications with higher operating temperatures. In addition, the two new products also have built-in over-current protection and over-temperature protection circuit, which helps to improve the reliability of the design.