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Hydrogen cyanide detection module for low-power IOT applications

2023-08-24 15:28:18

The TB600C series HCN hydrogen cyanide detection module brings together many high-precision detection technologies from Germany, as well as the design concept of the German team. The sensor adopts the German EC Sense solid polymer sensor with the smallest volume in the global electrochemical field. It can replace our nose to accurately sniff out the gas concentration and realize accurate monitoring. UART digital signal output, eliminating the need for customers to understand the sensor application and the tedious work of calibration.

Detection principle

Solid polymer electrochemical sensing technology is an innovation in the field of electrochemical detection technology. The technology is based on the principle of electrochemical gas detection and measures various gases that can be chemically decomposed. The sensor consists of three electrodes in contact with the electrolyte, typically composed of high surface area noble metals and other materials. The electrodes, the electrolyte, and the surrounding air are in contact, and the gas diffuses into the working electrode of the sensor through the back of the porous membrane, where the gas is oxidized or reduced, and this electrochemical reaction causes a current to flow through the external circuit.


  • High precision monitoring application
  • Temperature and humidity digital sensors, combined with intelligent algorithms, have stronger environmental adaptability
  • Quick response, quick return to zero, plug and play
  • Easy to use, UART digital signal output, no zero drift
  • Durable and reliable German sensor, long life, stable detection
  • New microcircuit design, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, good anti-poisoning
  • With fixed mounting holes for easy installation
  • Sleep-style design for low-power IOT applications
  • RoHS Environmental Design



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