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Turck launches analog inductive sensor with IO-LINK protocol

2023-08-24 16:05:56

In addition to offering flush analog inductive sensors with IO-Link, Turck now also offers three non-flush versions. NI4-M12, NI7-M18 and NI12-M30 models provide a distance-proportional signal, IO-LINK process value (2 bytes) or a voltage signal of 0…10V within a range of 12mm

Their measuring range can be flexibly adjusted so that the entire signal range can be used even in a small measuring range. These sensors set new standards with temperature offset compensation and perfect linearization accuracy.

  • High precision: <1% linear accuracy and temperature compensation
  • Flexible use: the maximum measurement range is 12mm, and the measurement range can be adjusted
  • High reliability: IP67 protection grade and -25~+70℃ ambient temperature range

High precision opens up new application possibilities

Due to its precision and long measuring range, the sensor is suitable for many applications, including monitoring the size of the gap on industrial rollers or detecting wear, for example to monitor the concentricity of the shaft. In some cases, they can also serve as a cost-effective replacement for rotary encoders or linear position sensors. In simple applications, they use ramps or eccentric screws, feedback a linear or rotational displacement, and output an analog signal.

IO-Link process data and service data

Additional functions are available via the IO-LINK interface: In addition to basic process values, the sensor also outputs internal temperature values, distance to objects and other diagnostic data. Therefore, in addition to their distance monitoring, they can also be used for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance, or even as a retrofit solution


  • Mechanical and Plant Engineering
  • energy industry
  • Packaging industry

key function

  • 2 bytes process data, 12-bit resolution
  • IO-Link 1.1 COM 2
  • Analog output 0…10 V

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