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What is the difference between different led chip?| SMD LED 3528, 3014 and 2835

2023-11-22 14:54:28
Lantron offers a wide range of Certified Low Voltage LED Strips that will meet your clients' certification requirements.If you have product needs,feel freee to contact us.And let's start talking about the differences between the 3014 led and other key chips.

Recent developments have led to 3014 SMD chips being smaller and more efficient than earlier SMD models. Diodes are smaller (only 3.0mm by 1.4mm), so they can be packed more densely on a PCB strip, resulting in more brightness without requiring more power.

The 3014 Certified LED Strip has 120 LEDs per meter, resulting in 600 LEDs total. It also offers a brightness of 1100 Lumens per meter with a 120-degree lighting angle. It can be easily cut to fit any project. Certified 3014 Strip is available in five shades of white to better suit your decor: Incandescent White (2700k), Bright White (3500k), Natural White (400k/4500k), Daylight (5000k) and Cool White (6600k).

The Certified 3014 LED Strip has a brightness that is second to none. It can be dimmed using one of our compatible dimmers. When you combine our LED Aluminum profile with the UL Certified LED Strip, you can get a continuous stream of light (without the dot effect that LEDs are known for). Imagine the amazement of your guests when they see an ultra-thin light bar that looks like neon.

As with all High Intensity Strips the Certified 3014 Strips must benefit from proper heat distribution to ensure performance and durability. If you attempt to install the LED Strip onto an unsuitable surface, it will be permanently damaged. Installing the LED strip 3014 in an Aluminum profile will allow for proper heat dissipation.

So what about other SMD chips?

The SMD 3528 chips are the most popular of all LED light strips. They are the lowest-power and least-brightest of the three chips that we use at HitLights, so they are commonly used to accent light, like above kitchen cabinets or around crown moldings below the ceiling.
Then,the popularity of it is just behind that of 3528. These chips measure 5.0mm by 5.0mm. 5050 chips can be 3 times brighter than 3528 chips. Strips with 5050 chip are brighter and used to create 'task lighting.' They're commonly found under kitchen cabinets, where the light helps you see what you are working on. Many 5050 strips come in color-changing styles. This means that you can choose any color with a remote control or controller.

Finally, their usage scenarios are also related to their characteristics

3014 LED chip: mainly used for SMD strip light, due to its smaller size and heat dissipation performance, making it especially suitable for curved strip light design, such as SMD neon strip light.

3528 LED chip: This kind of LED chip is mainly used for fluorescent lamps. The most common brightness used in the market for fluorescent lamps is 7-8 LM. However, some manufacturers may actually use 6-7 LM LEDs in order to reduce costs.The heat dissipation performance of this kind of LED chip is poor, and there is a layer of plastic between the bottom heat sink and the chip, so the heat dissipation performance is poor. In addition, because the spot is mainly formed by the point light-emitting, so it is easy to produce obvious spot in the pc mask and aluminum shell contact, as well as in the plug at the spot.

5050 LED chip: This kind of LED chip is mainly used for RGB full color light bar, especially waterproof light bar. Due to its larger size, it can accommodate more RGB LEDs, making it possible to achieve richer color performance.

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