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Button batteries | what is the difference lr 41 battery and lr 44 battery

2023-12-06 10:41:01

LR41 battery belongs to the button battery,  refers to the shape of the size of a small button like a battery, generally speaking, the diameter is larger, the thickness is thinner (as opposed to columnar batteries, such as AA batteries on the market, such as No. 5).


Button batteries are from the shape of the battery to the points, the equivalent battery classification corresponding to cylindrical batteries, square batteries, shaped batteries. The more common button batteries are used in toys and gifts on the AG3, AG10, AG13 batteries, computer motherboard battery model CR2032, used in electronic dictionaries inside the CR2025, used in electronic watches on the top of the CR2016 or SR44, SR626 and so on.


In the context of a side gate, button batteries might be utilized to power certain features or functions associated with the gate's electronic components. For instance, if the side gate has remote controls, keypads, electronic locks, sensors, or any other small electronic devices embedded within its structure, they might be powered by button batteries.

These batteries can provide a reliable and compact power source for smaller-scale electronic devices, ensuring that the gate's electronic components operate smoothly. However, the specific use of button batteries in a side gate system would depend on the design and functionality of the gate and its associated electronic features.


And do you know what is the difference between LR41 battery and LR44 battery?


The LR41 battery has a diameter of approximately 7.9 mm and a height of approximately 3.6 mm. The LR44 battery has a diameter of approximately 11.6 mm and a height of approximately 5.4 mm. Therefore, dimensionally, the LR44 battery is larger than the LR41 battery.


Because of the size difference, LR44 batteries are usually not a direct replacement for LR41 batteries. For example, if a device requires the use of LR41 batteries and the battery compartment is sized to fit only LR41 batteries, then LR44 batteries will not fit into the battery compartment.

However, in some cases, it may be feasible to use LR44 batteries in place of LR41 batteries, especially in devices with loose battery compartments.


Using an LR44 battery in place of an LR41 battery may provide longer usage because LR44 batteries typically have a larger electrical capacity.

Although LR44 batteries can be used in place of LR41 batteries in some situations, it is still recommended that the appropriate battery type be used as directed by the equipment manufacturer to ensure proper operation and safety of the equipment. If you are unsure whether you can use LR44 batteries in place of LR41 batteries, it is best to consult the equipment manufacturer or a relevant professional.

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